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MECCO marks are higher quality, faster, and guaranteed to meet your goals more than any alternative!


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Seeing is believing.

That’s why we’d love for you to send us a sample of one of your products for either laser or dot peen marking. Our expert applications team will provide a sample mark free of charge!

When we hand you back the marked part, we think you’ll be impressed by the quality, precision and durability of our marking process!

Oh, and you’ll find our turnaround is pretty quick, too!

Dot peen barcode mark Laser mark on black plastic Laser mark barcode Laser marked barcode and text Various pin marking sizes Laser marks on various materials

High-quality, machine-readable
laser or dot peen marking

Fiber laser marking a 2D barcode


Highly readable permanent marks that give you effective traceability. Lasers are extremely adaptable making them suitable to mark everything from metals to plastics, as well as wood, glass and rubber.


High-speed characters | Logos | Graphics | Barcodes | 2D data matrix

When to choose

High speed | Best resolution | High Contrast | No contact | Minimal consumables | Permanent & Durable

Dot peen

Engrave data deep enough to last in the harshest of manufacturing environments and be readable after painting or galvanizing.

Dot peen is capable of marking on a wide range of substrates including various metals, hardened steel up to 65Hrc and some hard plastics.


Text | Logos | 2D data matrix | Barcodes

When to choose

Deep marks, fast | Cost-Effective | Durable | Harsh Environments

N34 Vibra Peen Mark

Marks that are better by design

Our applications engineers possess enormous expertise and experience with both material science and MECCO’s marking technologies.

They’ll sit down with you to analyse your individual marking challenges, adapting to whatever is most important to you: substrate material, readability requirements, cycle time, or brand protection.

Then, they’ll work with you to design a marking solution that works best for your product and application — so you always get the results that you need.

It’s all part of our commitment to providing you with the service and support your need for the lifetime of your product.


Requesting a sample is simple!



Send us a marking sample request.



Our service team calls to arrange shipment.



You ship your sample parts to our applications team.



We receive the sample and an applications engineer calls to review your needs.



The applications team marks your sample marking within an agreed turnaround.


Prelim feedback

Applications team emails a photo of marked parts for your review.



Within 24 hours of your feedback, the applications team sends your full sample report.



The marked parts are shipped back to you.



We arrange a debrief session to review sample quality with you.

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What others say

  • Having a lifetime use of the MECCO laser lab to troubleshoot and assist in new markings is an extremely valuable offering, which made the difference when considering laser systems.

    Mark Rottinger, Manufacturing Engineer at Logan Clutch Corp.
  • MECCO’s team is great to work with. They provide excellent service to help us achieve piece part marking and traceability, and their product makes a consistent, professional mark on our product.

    Ryan Howard, Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Caterpillar
  • MECCO’s laser marking system produced nice, permanent marks on varying materials.

    John, Engineer at Woodward
  • MECCO came out on top in quality and service. Their software and marking samples we tested were superior to the other companies we tested.

    Daniel Waksman, Corporate Procurement at Yokogawa Corporation

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